2016 Christmas Party 20161221日)

On December 22 everyone had a wonderful time at the HK International Motomachi Christmas party. We enjoyed a nice meal, a Christmas play, some games and even a surprise visit from Santa Claus! All the staff here at HK Motomachi wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


みんなMerry Christmas! 大きなスペースでのびのびと buffet(ブッフェ)形式で  ゲームも楽しいよ
どこかな〜 ウワー、サンタさん登場 サンタさん、ありがとう  教師スタッフです

Getting ready for Christmas クリスマスの準備2016122日)

For the past 2 days we have been putting together and decorating the Christmas tree at HK Motomachi. All the kids had a great time adding the ornaments they like to the tree and listening to bits of a Christmas story as we open each day on the advent calendar. The countdown to Christmas has begun!


ハロウィーン・パーティ  (20161031)

Another fun and spooky Halloween at HK International Motomachi. All of the costumes, both teachers and students, were cool and creative. Everyone had a great time enjoying the old tradition of carving a jack-o-lantern and of course trick or treating for some sweets. Happy Halloween everyone!!!


元町商店街を歩きます どう、可愛いそれともコワ〜イ かぼちゃの中をくり抜くよ みんな素晴らしい衣装で


Today we were finally able to visit the local police box, which had been postponed due to bad weather throughout September. Everyone learned a lot of new things about police equipment and how our local officers are keeping our city safe. The kids asked some great questions and everyone wants to be a police officer now. Thank you very much to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police for all their help today!


大きなヘルメットだね 街の安全、ありがとう  犯人逮捕の「さすまた」  しっかり聞きました

2016Sports Day (運動会)(2016109日)

On Sunday, October 9, we had our annual HK International Motomachi Sports Day at the St. Maur International School gymnasium. Here are a few of our photos.
Everybody did a great job with all the contests, games, and races. Everyone was a winner!  We are already looking forward to next year.

109日(日曜日)、恒例の「Sports Day運動会」を横浜サンモール・インターナショナル・スクールの体育館で行いました。あいにく外は雨が降っていましたが、体育館では、みんな練習してきたコンテスト、ゲーム、レースで一生懸命がんばってくれましたね。一人一人がwinnerです。また来年が楽しみです。

 園児だけ集合 家族も全員入ってね  英語のラジオ体操で準備運動 綱引き準備OK?
小さい子は魚釣りゲーム  紅白の玉入れだよ 全員に頑張りました賞  校長からメダル授与です

消防署訪問 (2016年9月20日)

Here we are in September again studying all about different types of jobs and enjoy visiting various places of work. One of our favorites is always the fire station where we can meet the men who protect our city and how and what equipment they use. Everyone had a great time being fire fighters for a day!


防火服だよ  ホースはとっても重いわ しっかり持ってね、重たいよ  ありがとうございました

「サマースクール」のご案内  「Summer School  2016年6月6日  (詳しくはこちらから)(pdfファイル)


「野毛山動物園へ遠足」  “A trip to Nogeyama Zoo”  2016520日  (動画はこちらから)


We went to Nogeyama Zoo! It was a beautiful day and we got to see many animals playing happily in the sunshine. There were lions, tigers, peacocks, ostriches, crocodiles, flamingos and many more! We started at 10:00 by taking a group picture at the front gate. At 11:15 we all entered the “Petting Zoo” and got to pet mice, guinea pigs, and chickens. At noon we had lunch altogether on the grassy hillside of the plaza. After lunch we watched the zookeepers feed the lesser pandas and also the ostriches. It was a really fun day and we enjoyed it a lot.

「地球の日」 “Earth Day”   2016422

みんなで裏庭をきれいにすることから始めました。なかなか上手にごみがつかめなくて苦労しましたが、きれいになりました。昼からは、何かを植樹をしようと再び裏庭へ。鉢に土を入れ、穴をあけ、それぞれみんなが45個のポップコーンの種を植えました。うまく育つかなあ? 最後に大きい組さんはパラシュートを広げて初めて遊びました。面白かった、またしましょうね。

Today we celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up the trash from our back yard. It was fun work because we each had a large clothes pin to grab the garbage with! We learned that another good Earth Day activity is to plant something green.
So, after lunch we went out in the back yard again to plant some popcorn. We prepared the soil in the flower pots, made some holes in the soil and then each of us planted 4 or 5 seeds. We don't know if they will grow or not, but we hope so! As a great end to a fun day the Owl and Rabbit Classes got to play with our new parachute for the very first time. We can't wait to try it again soon!





「ショー・アンド・テルの日」 “Show & Tell” day    2016 4 20


Today for a while we all had class together. Why? Well, today was our first Show & Tell day of the new school year. We wanted our younger friends to see how much fun it is. We get a chance to bring and show our favorite things to our friends and then we usually have a few minutes to see and to maybe play with our friends' favorite toys, too. We can hardly wait for next Show & Tell day!

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